Bar tools are things that are often under appreciated. That delicious cocktail you just received? You can thank the bartender first, but also thank whoever bought him the correct tools he needs to execute said delicious cocktail. Typically upscale bars and craft cocktail spots are good about purchasing premium barware. But holy hell when something is bad, it’s absolute shit.

As a bar consultant I see all types of horrible products being used, usually bought by some cheap ass owner who has no idea how to make money in this industry. Here are some things to watch out for:


There are many types of bad shakers but they fall into two categories:

The ones with tops that are too big,

and the ones with tops that are too small.

The ones that are too big often get stuck and are hard to open after use, sometimes they pinch your skin causing bleeding :(. Often the custom and pretty looking shakers have this problem, Not these ones though <

The ones that are small just look stupid and are SUPER hard to hold. Unless you got sticky fingers like Spiderman. Forget about shaking two cocktails, or looking even a little bit professional.


Let’s forget for a second about how plain ugly the cheap ones are, and think about functionality.

The coil falls off all willy nilly, and even if it’s on there’s so much space in between the coils that it doesn’t properly strain anything.

The bad ones aren’t one size fits all either.


Don’t buy plastic pour spouts. Even if you’re starting a dive bar don’t do it. The only place that should be acceptable is Applebee’s. I shouldn’t have to explain why, and if you still decide to buy it then not even God can save your business.


These muddlers aren’t even long enough to give you a good grip on it, even when you’re muddling in the small shaker!

And when the bottom parts too skinny, it’s like you have to chase the fruit around the bottom of the tin just to squish the life out of it.


They’re just ugly, i’m a hater.


The standard mixing glass that everyone buys, it only holds enough space for one cocktail to be properly diluted and stirred. Whoever’s buying this must not plan on selling a lot of drinks.

If you’re buying these basic ass mixing glasses, you’ve never seen a ticket for 6 old fashioneds come strolling out the printer before.


I’m begging you not to buy the ones with the red cap on the end. Your business will fail it’s pretty much guaranteed to if you’re willing to buy this type of spoon. And I won’t even feel bad.

Now that I’ve educated you on what makes a BAD bar product.

Go to the SHOP section and take a gander at what high-quality bar products look like.

The shakers have been tested by the baddest, fastest bartenders in all the land. Me, Myself, And I (and others who are not as bad or as fast as I).

The tops don’t stick and they’re pretty as hell. Not to mention the matte paint and rubber coating gives the shakers a nice soft feel, no condensation sweat either. Weighted tins, perfect for flair and speed work, and even if you don’t bartend, I’m telling you that you’ve never seen a shaker this GORGEOUS. Just go look for yourself.

Have not been paid to say any of that either.

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