The ONLY VIRTUAL BARTENDING COURSE That is Focused on getting you hired.

Are you missing out on life?

Listen, you have dreams. Big ones. And if you could just find a way to pursue your passions while still making enough to pay for rent and your bills, you’d be good, right?

But in today’s economy, that seems practically impossible. There’s no way that you could make enough money to afford the freedom and flexibility you need to pursue your passions.

You’ll never have time to start that YouTube channel or write that movie if you spend 40 hours a week slaving away to just barely make enough to pay your bills. So it’s impossible, right?

If you think this, you’re dead wrong. It’s not about being making it work on a budget – it’s about making the budget, to make it work.

Welcome to BarChemistry 101, the only course out there designed to teach you how to find freedom and flexibility while still making a comfortable income. Through Bartending.

It doesn’t have to be hard

Our Students Have...

Less Hours, More Income...

they work less and make WAY more.

A flexible schedule…

gone are the days when we had to make life fit around work. With bartending, work fits around your life.

A bomb network…

bartending isn’t just a job. Network and meet people like crazy in the most cost-effective way – while on the job!

Work that feels like fun…

seriously, it’s the real ‘on your feet, active environment’ kind of vibe – perfect for peeps who love being around peeps and hate sitting in a cubicle.

I used to work a dead-end job that I hated, just to watch my money disappear at the end of every week, sucked into paying for tuition at a school I didn’t feel at home in.


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Here’s how it works…

It’s time to stop waiting for your dreams to come to you. Go to them with BarChemistry 101.

At BarChemistry we want to help people build a future based around their passions, but we’re also realistic. We know you need extra income, time and a strong network to achieve that. Many of us work full time and still struggle to make ends meet. This can leave you feeling stuck and frustrated. So we’ve come up with a unique approach, one that’s been used by people for years to fund their dreams, create more time to explore their passions, and still be able to pay their bills. That approach is Bartending. We believe that no matter the kind of person you are or the dreams that you have, the fundamental ingredients you need for real success can be brought by bartending. Here’s how it works. Take our BarChemistry 101 Class, learn everything you need to know to be a successful bartender and how to get hired, use your new knowledge to actually get hired, and now set the right schedule that’ll allow you to make a comfortable living, have enough days off for to explore your passions, and still have fun on the weekends even while you’re at work. Don’t let your ideal future wait any longer, you can purchase the course below.

frequently asked questions

Our online course accommodates for both hands-on and -off learning styles.Want to take notes during our in-depth video lessons? Grab a clipboard. Want to follow along with your own tools? Get your shaker ready. With our Gold Tier and higher tiers, you will receive monthly Live Trainings with your instructor so they can correct your technique, answer specific questions, and help you with your job hunt.

With so many forms of assistance we can provide using data from bars of all different kinds (like our interview cheat sheet, resume and cover letter templates, our Discord, and weekly job reports sent directly to your email) it’ll be a whole lot easier than without this course. If you have the moxie, we have no doubt you’ll have a good chance at finding a job.

We are confident you'll love this course, so we have a 30-day money back Guarantee. You will get a 100% refund for any reason you choose.

Yes! The best bartenders are the ones that listen to their customers. So, no, you don’t always have to put in your 2 cents or give the last word (unless they order one). Your network is your net worth and for those who find it hard to meet new people It will never get easier for you in a social interaction than as a bartender.

Some of our plans include VIP Discord Access and Live Monthly Trainings that you can join for the rest of eternity. Also feel free to email us any questions and we will be happy to answer them.


$ 79
  • 12 In Depth Video Lessons
  • 3 Downloadable Study Guides
  • Interview cheat sheet
  • Resume and cover letter template
  • VIP Discord Access


$ 99
  • 12 In Depth Video Lessons
  • 3 Downloadable Study Guides
  • interview cheat sheet
  • Resume and cover letter template
  • VIP Discord Access
  • Live Monthly Training


$ 118
  • 12 In Depth Video Lessons
  • 3 Downloadable Study Guides
  • Interview cheat sheet
  • resume and cover letter template
  • VIP Discord Access
  • Live Monthly Training
  • List of Bars that are Hiring Near You Personally Sent to you EVERY WEEK
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OR take our FREE 4 Video Crash Course

Lesson 1
Why Bartending Will Change Your Life
Lesson 2
The ACTUAL Way to Get Hired with NO Experience
Lesson 3
Succeeding as a Bartender (and maximizing tips and connections)
Lesson 4
Your Roadmap to Bartending

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