Is There a Difference Between a Bartender & a Mixologist? Let’s Discuss

When one encounters a mixologist – or a menu curated by a mixologist – a drinking experience can suddenly become unmatched to any they’ve experienced before. Drinking isn’t a cheap hobby and when it’s clear you’ve found a place that meets your expectations, you’re bound to return. 

While most anyone serving alcoholic beverages on the wet side of the bar can be deemed a “bartender,” far less have the ability and know-how to be referred to as a “mixologist.” It’s a common misconception that any person tending bar can give you the salivating cocktail of your dreams. However, you’ve likely encountered the occasional stout or syrupy drink that proves this theory to be down-right untrue.

A mixologist is someone that does tend bar, but has an astute knowledge and passion for creating scrumptious beverages and thirst-quenching cocktails that just work. They have a deep understanding of flavor-profiles and ingredient combinations that allow them to combine elixirs in a much more satisfying way than simply learning the concept behind a Long Island Iced Tea.

Increase Customer Loyalty & Brand Recognition by Employing a Mixologist

It’s not always possible to find great help but it is possible to train great help. If you want to set a standard for your bar or events, it’s worthwhile to invest in proper training and education for your bartenders. 

If you struggle to find good help or just want to elevate your cocktail menu, there are services available that give you access to seasoned mixologists. These mixologists live for cocktail creation and the art of alcohol mixing. Having one create your menu is sure to give you a leg up on your competition and make your business stand out amongst all others. 

At BarChemistry, we do just that – and more.

Our team of mixologists is a full-service, cocktail-creating machine that loves to help businesses around the country develop their perfect drink menu. From menu creation to bartender training, we have all-things-alcohol down to a science. 

With our mixologist services, you can get a personalized drink menu for any occasion, to match any cuisine or atmosphere. We will create an entirely unique cocktail offering for your bar, restaurant, or event, and will even come by to fully train your staff on your new menu. We offer holiday or themed cocktail options and can even consult with you on your wine list. 

Get a Taste of the Mixologist Experience in Our Cocktail Library

If you’re not convinced that a mixologist’s menu is the way to go, check out our Cocktail Library. Sorted by alcohol type, you’ll find a comprehensive list of deliciously curated recipes for any occasion. From the classics to fun drinks you’ve never heard of, there’s something for everyone in our ultimate drink collection. 

If you like what you see and would love to have a Cocktail Library of your own, tailored specifically for your business, reach out to us for a free consultation for your bar! We’d love to take your staff from bartenders to mixologists and help turn your bar into the ultimate drink location destination.