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We are DormRush, the campus delivery service run by students, for students.
We are a group of individuals who strive to perfect the campus delivery experience for all of our fellow peers.

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How We Established Our Name

We came up with the idea-DormRush– because it had multiple connections for our company. With much deliberation, we decided that our name has to stem from what the students’ lives need–speed and convenience –with the accessibility for their college locations.

Mission Statement

We know college can be stressful and with many students managing jobs, classwork and extracurricular activities, it feels almost impossible to fit in our daily tasks such as picking up mail, grabbing a meal or even getting goods delivered to your dorm. Our goal for DormRush is simple. We wish to provide top tier service, in a flash, to ensure our customers have the best possible experience in their time at college. We hope to make college life a bit more manageable.

How Our Processes Work

We operate by a travel system. You can sign up on our site as a delivery driver or a customer. We operate by providing a tracking service where we match nearby delivery drivers who are looking to work with customers within a certain distance. The driver gets the instructions, picks up the parcel and delivers the parcel to the designated location. The customer simply inputs their name, address and service to be provided. For mailing services, we have to use special permissions by the customer in order to pick-up and deliver the mail to the destination.

The Drive Behind The Service

This service is meant to give students the peace of mind that they can continue on focusing on what matters most to them, knowing that DormRush is handling their quick chores. We want to make our communities feel more at ease and know that we are all team players on one campus.

What We Offer

OUR Services

Our purpose is to provide students with an alternative to gathering essentials. Living college life isn’t easy, so we’ve created this service to help alleviate some one the stress that comes with the lifestyle. We deal with the rush so that you don’t have to.

Mail/Book Pickup

Mail and packages addressed to students will be picked up from the mail center, and delivered directly to students' dorm rooms. A signature and an ID will be required to ensure that no packages are delivered into the wrong hands.
Any textbooks or books ordered from the library bookstore can be picked up and delivered straight to your dorm room. College merchandise, last minute study guides, and gifts for your friends and family are all things that our workers are equipped to provide for you.

Food Delivery

Students are able to place food orders within on campus restaurants. Menus will be provided within our website, and after students have placed their orders, a delivery person will ensure that the food is accurate before making the delivery. We also ensure that our delivery personnel are all equipped with thermal carriers to ensure the food stays warm and protected from external forces.

Convenience Items

Convenience items as small as a pencil can also be delivered through our services. We understand that inconveniences happen, so we want to be a convenience to you. Our brand flourishes on being able to provide students with the comfort of not having to worry about the little things. That's why when an emergency presents itself, where leaving your dorm seems impossible, we want to make sure we can provide assistance.

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Hours of Operation

Mon-Sun, 6AM TO 11PM

Our company wants to ensure that we are meeting our customers' needs when it is needed the most. That is why we have structured our hours of operations to be all throughout the week, 6am to 11pm. Keep in mind that services will be unavailable on days the campus is closed. Hours of operation are subject to change due to inclimate weather. Information concerning closings and changes in business hours will be available through our website. Towards holiday seasons, we predict to see lower attendance rate in students on campus, meaning less delivery workers. We understand that our customers demand swift and easy deliveries, but during these times we can not guarantee workers to meet the demand. Please bear with us during these uncertain times as we work to make sure we meet the needs of everyone.

Locations served

Penn State

Currently, we are only associated and in contract with Pennsylvania State university and its campuses throughout the state. Being a startup business with only a year into its operations has proven to us that we are capable of expanding our services. We want every college student to experience what our friends here at Penn State have been able to experience in the past year. Within the years to come we expect to expand our business into neighboring colleges within the state. Temple university, Drexel university, and The University of Pennsylvania are all prospecting colleges that we are hoping to affiliate with.

Shifting into fifth gear

DormRush is a company that strives to allow college students the focus to succeed at what’s most important to them, their education. We understand students balance a busy schedule with class work, jobs, extracurriculars, friends and other relationships, all with an abundance of due diligence. Mundane tasks such as cooking, purchasing supplies for school or the dorm, or simply getting their mail can distract students from what they should be focusing on. DormRush is an opportunity for these students (or their parents!) to outsource this minutia to their fellow students who have lighter loads on the days that they have to tackle the big things in their lives, whether it is a project, a date, a final, or a fullback on Saturdays.

Service that is always first place


Through extensive planning and research, DormRush has worked to establish a fully functional delivery service based on the needs that we as students all experience.


Samantha Diaz

CEO/Chief of Marketing Management

Samantha is a Marketing major from the Pennsylvania State University. Throughout her attendance at Penn State, she has been able to evolve and enhance her understanding of marketing and management to better prepare for her current role as CEO of Dormrush. Outside of furthering her education, she has maintained her appreciation for marketing while attending marketing competitions throughout the state. This has encouraged her to continue stimulating creativity while still providing solutions within a real world environment.

Brent Miller

CEO/Chief Operations Officer

Brent is dual majoring in Accounting and Management at the Pennsylvania State University. He has spent much of his time while enrolled working to improve the lives of others, both currently on campus as the Accounting Club President and as a former SGA Senator, as well as around campus, ensuring DormRush runs as efficiently as feasible. He is said to have an old soul, because both children and animals trust him. This has dovetailed well into running the day-to-day operations of DormRush because he has not been bitten once; neither by the abundant wildlife on campus nor the Freshmen, with their first tastes of adult freedom.

Zhen-Mei Huang

CEO/Chief of Marketing Strategy

Zhen-Mei is a Marketing and Management major at Pennsylvania State University. Partaking in a variety of classes covering topics of Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Advertising, Retailing, and E-commerce, she will apply her knowledge to develop functional strategies and aim to expand the reach of the company across multiple college campuses. Specially passionate in the marketing field, Zhen-Mei’s attention to detail and graphic arts talent will help develop DormRush’s image to elevate their success and performance. 

Nikki Seelam

CEO/Chief Financial Officer

Nikki is a Finance major from the Pennsylvania State University. She has spent much of her time taking finance-related courses in order to better her understanding of the core and integral processes that DormRush operates on. In her time, has focused heavily on portfolio management and internal budget operations of other firms such as BarChemistry. She has a strong sense of budget management and strives to better her community by helping create DormRush to enrich the lives of her fellow peers.

Zehen Zohra

CEO/Chief Accounting Officer

Zehen is a Finance major from the Pennsylvania State University. As a student her main focus on study was related to Investment Portfolio Analysis, Multinationals Financial Management and Managerial accounting. Her background in public speaking allows DormRush to build a functional client and service relations. Zehen’s ability to pay attention to details and analyze situations in macro and micro levels helps run day to day accounting efficiently.

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