There are very few jobs out there as lucrative, fun, creative, and easily accessible as bartending is.
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Wootak Kim: Founder and CEO

A bartender turned social media educator and founder.
Wootak's love for mixology cocktails shows not only in his videos online,
but through the quality of our products and courses.

How I Got Started

Like many immigrants, I started working in restaurants and bars at 16 to support myself and my family. It was one of the highest incomes I could make at that age without formal education.

I worked as a server to put myself through college until I started bartending when I was 22 years old. Immediately I felt like I had discovered some missing piece to myself. It satisfied my creative urges, let me exercise my people skills, and made me more money than some of my friends with bachelors degrees.

While originally I was going to use my income to pay for college, I decided to bet on myself instead. I had many frustrations with the bar industry. How difficult it was to get started, the lack of proper and unique bar tools. Eventually I said fuck it, I’m going to be the change I want to see in this industry.

At first we were just an instagram page. Then I emptied my bank account to develop the first three BarChemistry products ever. (Black, pink and white shaker sets) And in 2020, we finally launched our online store and products with a little over 4,000 Instagram followers. Shortly after, Covid-19 shut down almost all businesses and I was unemployed.

I took to Tiktok and cranked out content. Trying to bring exposure to my newborn brand and just 1 month later, we caught fire.

Now we’ve sold thousands of various bar tools. We formally educate people on how to land their first bartending job. And there is over 1.8m of you who trust us to educate you on all things bartending.
And it’s only the beginning.