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Cocktail Masterclass

An overview of basic Cocktail Making techniques so you can start perfecting your skills.

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About the course

Informative video courses

We cover basic cocktail-making techniques so you can begin creating consistent cocktails and perfecting your skills

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A sneak peak at what you'll dive into...

Lesson 0: Introduction

Lesson 1: Ingredients & Bar Tools

Lesson 2: Basic Cocktail Techniques. Shaking, Stirring, & Pouring

Lesson 3: Auxiliary Cocktail Techniques. Rolling, Layering, & Muddling

Lesson 4: Spirit Subtle Recipes

Lesson 5: Spirit Forward Recipes

Lesson 6: Homemade Ingredients

Lesson 7: Setting Up Your Home Bar

Lesson 8: Sneak Peak into Mixology | Creating Your Own Cocktails

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