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This course offers so many useful tips and training moments that will not only enable you to put your best foot forward as a bartender, but also to set yourself above the competition and your coworkers to empower you to shine in the position

Clayton Beard

Sets You Up For Success!

First of all appreciate Wootak for preparing this course and even having free material beforehand. Found Bar Chemistry on TikTok and just love how Wootak taught mixology. Personality is fantastic the course is far from boring and dry. He tells you what you need to actually know and sets you up for success. I appreciate how he prepared the cocktails that you need to know list so I'm not wasting my time memorizing everything. He also checks in on you as well which shows that he actually cares.

Kim Xie

Amazingly Informative!!!

Went over everything I could have been worried about and more. I thought it would be way harder to find a job but it only took me a week after finishing the course! Gave me all the information and confidence I needed.

Ayanna Phillip