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With just two new products.

Real bartenders can't live without speed pourers or muddlers. they're just that crucial.


What do these do?

The 'Big Black' Muddler and the Speed Pour are two essential pieces to a bartender's kit.

The 'Big Black' Muddler, muddles things. Which is the bartender word for 'squishing the flavors out of things like fruit and herbs.'

The Speed Pour is what lets bartenders pour things without measuring and still make consistently good drinks!

Muddlers and Speed Pourers aren't new inventions. But our approach to them is

Basic Muddlers


Typical muddlers are too small and weak, causing you to use too much effort to muddle fruit.


Wooden ones crack after use, and the Steel ones are barely large enough to get a grip on and can even hurt to use.


And neither serve any other purpose other than MUDDLING (and who wants to be hurt by something they paid for?!)

Ours are large and girthy, to make sure you put in minimal effort and get maximum muddling.


Made with a Food Grad Plastic so that it is not only durable, but safe.


Multiple other uses like uhhhhh…. Self Defense

Both Products are Machine Washable

No hand washing!

Stylish Design

We're big advocates for looking good while you work, it is a performative job after all.

Best Function

You won't wanna use any other muddlers or speed pours afterwards.

The Best Part?

Pre-Order Both RIGHT NOW and get Free Shipping once they are available.


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