Super Bowl Sunday Punch

Written by Nikki Seelam and Zhen-Mei Huang

Check out the YouTube video linked above for visual step-by-step aid as well as funny behind-the-scenes content.

The Super Bowl is the biggest football celebration of the year. And cocktails are a must for any good party. Today, we’re going to put you on to possibly the best and most interesting tasting jungle juice/punch that you can make for your party.


  • 750 mL of Triple Sec (Or any orange-based liqueur)
  • 750 mL of White Rum
  • 34 oz of Guava Juice
  • 34 oz of Passionfruit Juice
  • 16 oz of Lime Juice
  • 16 oz (or 0.5 quart) of Coconut Milk
  • 4 oz Simple Syrup
  • Large cut ice cubes
  • Fresh Guava (optional for garnish)


  • Large Serving Bowl
  • Frother (optional)
  • Whisk (if brother is unavailable)


Before starting to make your cocktail, freeze ice and pop them in the freezer. You can use a cooler to fill it with water in order to get large cuts of ice. To learn how to make large cut, clear ice cubes, check out this quick tutorial.

First, pour in half of your bottle of Triple Sec. Any orange based liqueur will do.  Next, pour a whole bottle of white rum into your container (whatever large serving bowl you have will do) for a little bit of added strength. This should measure out to about 750 mL of white rum. You can spin the bottle and use the vortex technique. This creates a little tornado effect that makes the liquid come out faster.

Next, pour in all 34 oz. each  of your guava and passion fruit nectars.  If you’re an avid Starbucks drinker, these flavors might sound familiar to you. That’s because the guava-passion fruit-coconut milk drink is one of the tastiest drinks that Starbucks offers.

Moving on, you’re going to want to add your lime juice. Start off with about 10 oz. and keep adding more to taste. This is all preference here. Follow up with adding 16 oz. (of ½ a quart) of the coconut milk.

You’re going to notice your concoction will be a bit curdly, so you’re going to want to blend this up.  If you have a frother, now would be the time to put it to good use. If you don’t have one, no worries, you can just whisk your cocktail until it’s uniform and evenly combined.

 Now, go ahead and add 4 oz. of simple syrup. This will add just a bit of natural sweetness and balance all the flavors we have going on. For a quick way to make simple syrup at home, check out this video!


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Give this cocktail another good froth/whisk/mix. After you have blended this drink, this would be the time to add the ice you froze earlier. Here, you can use your large chunk ice. The reason we are looking at larger ice chunks is because they are less prone to melting and will not dilute your cocktail. Now, the  punch can be enjoyed for longer. You can serve smaller ice in individual cups to keep the cocktail from becoming watered down.

For garnish, we’re going to use fresh guavas. Slice your guava straight down the middle then, quarter it. Then you can cut a slit and place them on your glasses or you can toss them into the punch. And voila! And you’ve got the prettiest jungle juice your friends have ever seen!

If you plan on making a punch, try out this recipe and let us know what you think!  Send us pictures on the official BarChemistry socials so we can take a look at your masterpieces.

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