The Top 5 Drinking Games You Can Play with Friends on Zoom

 We’re all missing connection and fun times with friends right about now. Nights of going to the bars or going to a party seem like a fading dream. 

The bright side is that the beautiful world of technology allows us to connect with friends, despite the pandemic. You can create your own happy hour with friends or family via Zoom or any virtual setting! Easily plan a time that works for everyone and make your virtual call an awkward-free, enjoyable one with these five drinking games. 


1. Higher or Lower, Red or Black 

Possibly one of the simplest drinking games you can play virtually is Higher or Lower also known as Red or Black. The concept is the same for both and all you need to play is a deck of cards and at least two people. 

In Higher or Lower, you simply guess if the next card will be higher or lower and whoever is wrong takes a drink. Play the same way with Red or Black by guessing the next cards color and you have yourself a fast and inclusive drinking game! Lucky Guessing!


2. Never Have I Ever

Go back to the classics with this easy and enlightening game! If you’ve never played before, it’s super simple and requires no game tools – just your memories and your honesty! Played best with at least 3 players, you will go in a circle and say “Never have I ever … (fill in the blank with something you’ve never done.)” Ex. “Never have I ever dated two people at once.” 

Everyone that has done the thing that was mentioned, has to take a drink. The goal here is to get your friends drinking and start interesting conversations with your choice of topics. 


3. Subjects

Subjects is another no-tools drinking game that can easily be played virtually and is sure to get competitive. Similar to Never Have I Ever, the group will go around in a circle and the loser has to take a drink. 

However, the concept is different. One person will choose a topic – say types of cars or Sci-Fi movies – and everyone has to go around the circle contributing one answer that is relevant to the topic. Whoever can’t think of anything or doesn’t answer right away has to take a drink and then the game starts over. 


4. Kings

This game is often played in person but can be played from home with a deck of cards or a random card generator on your computer! Each card represents a drinking rule that the whole group (usually) has to adhere to. This is a fun way to get drinking, have some laughs, and lighten up the evening. 

You need at least two players but the more the merrier! Be sure to brush up on the rules with this easy outline of the game.  


5. Virtual Trivia

If your group is up for more of a challenge, you can easily create a virtual trivia night – complete with drinking, of course! Make up your own questions or grab a pack of trivia cards or a game of Trivial Pursuit. Have every player write their answers down on a sheet of paper, show them to the screen – everyone that gets the question wrong has to take a drink!