How to unstick a Cocktail Shaker

You’ve done the research, acquired the materials, have everything all prepped and ready to make your favorite drink, right from the comfort of your home and BAM! 


Your Boston Shaker gets stuck, not only are your hands frozen from shaking your drink, but all that work you put into making yourself a lovely cocktail suddenly seems like it might not come out quite right. 


Why does this happen? What causes a seemingly beautiful, stainless steel shaker to become stuck and dysfunctional? Follow along and we’ll walk you through it. 

Why Do Some Shakers Get Stuck & Insist on Withholding Your Beverage?

The specific reason boston shakers and cobbler shakers can become stuck and restrict access to your end-of-the-day-delight simply boils down to the material used to make the shaker. Stainless steel or metal shakers become incredibly cold when you’re tossing all that ice around, locking up the entire mechanism.

If you don’t immediately open the shaker, or even if you do, you may have a hard time opening the whole thing altogether. It’s recommended that you knock the shaker a few times (with frozen hands, might I add) and “voila!” – liquor. 

But who wants to do all that? 

Knock it too hard and you run the risk of damaging your shiny new investment or glassware. 

Sometimes the seal in a cobbler shaker can be to blame for your stuck saucer, leaving you to potentially cause future leaking if you can’t un-seal it with care. 

**A Boston Shaker will consist of two pieces (one smaller, one larger) & a Cobbler Shaker is a full, locking shaker mechanism (complete with strainer)**
So What’s the Cocktail Shaker Solution? Innovative and unique barware is the solution. 

Finding a boston shaker retailer that understands the current issues with a lot of common barware is what will change your home or bartending experience. 

BarChemistry is a company founded and run by experienced bartenders that are dedicated and passionate about changing the bartending game. We offer a wide array of stick-resistant shaker products to make your elixir creating venture a successful one.


With our collection of matte, luxury shakers (complete with strainers), you can choose from multiple rubber wrapped shakers, with 2cm stainless steel inside plating to prevent common shaker issues. The rubberized matte coating acts as a protective layer for your hands and your shaker, while the inside plating gets your drink mixed and chilled, without getting stuck. 


Not to mention, without frostbiting your hands. 


Our collection of shakers was curated to never frost and to prevent sticking, making them the ultimate choice for any at-home bartender. Reviews show us people that use our shaker claim it’s the best one they’ve ever used, and the matte rubberized paint helps with getting a good grip, no slip, and no stick!


If you have any questions about any of our unique barware products, get in touch with one of our mixologists via our contact form or text us at 917-540-8854.