- Since 2018 -

Hire us to curate your menu!

With goals to disrupt the way the bar industry is managed, we want to level the playing field for small business owners to compete with the bar programs of top tier corporate bars.
A subscription style service where you can have world class mixologists (like our CEO and founder Wootak Kim) design the menu, train the staff, and upkeep your bar. We tailor your plan to fit your restaurants needs and budget. 

Some of the services we offer include:

Menu Creation

Have creative and original cocktails made every season that fit your restaurants or bars cuisine/themes.

Bar Staff Training

One of our chemists will come and give your staff hands on training for every new menu, and stick around for a few live shifts until they’ve really got the hang of it themselves.

Sommelier Consultation

If you want an upgrade on your wine selection, we can refer to you one of the many sommeliers we are partnered with to give it a modern boost.

Holiday/Event Cocktails

Did someone buy out your restaurant? Are you looking for a way to truly elevate their experience? Partnering with us gives you the option to request specialty cocktails to be made per event or holiday. Our Chemists will even arrive to help with any  prepwork that may need to be done.

"As a bar/restaurant owner I highly recommend BarChemistry's system. They have helped me to compeltely transform my restaurant from a failing "dive" bar into an award winning profitable destination business! The white and red sangria designed by BarChemistry are consistently in the top 5 menu items sold on a monthly basis and these craft cocktails run at a 15% cost and 85% profit margin!"